No.Projects detailsClientYear
1Install concrete coating / weighted for 4 segments of 24" NG pipeline at Diwaniah – Najaf NG pipeline projectIraqi ministry of oil2009
2Install concrete coating/ weighted for 3 segments of 26" NG pipeline at ALfurat-ALmassabelaam projectIraqi ministry of oil2010
3Erection (7) reinforced concrete tanks and their foundations at AL Yuosfiah power plant projectSCOP2010
4Install (14 KM) 24" NG pipeline at AL Rashidiah power plant – AL Qudis power plant projectIraqi ministry of oil2010
5Install concrete coating/weighted for 2 segments of 48" crude oil pipeline at Sha't AL Basra projectSCOP2011
6Open and preparation 45 KM right of way for 42" crude oil pipeline at Basra – Simawa projectSCOP2011
7Transportation and string 45 KM of 42" pipeline at Basra-Simawa projectSCOP2011
8Transport and string 30 KM of 42" pipeline for Karbala refinery projectSCOP2011
9Install 25 KM of 20" & 16" pipe line for Lukoil project BasraSAMSUNG2012
10Install concrete coating / weighted for 1 segment of 24" pipeline at Zab river ErbilKAR GROUP2012
11Install 35 KM 36" pipeline of 36" crude oil transport line DuhokKAR GROUP2012
12Install concrete coating/ weighted for 3 segments of 36" pipeline in Khazir river at transport line project DuhokKAR GROUP2013
13Hydrostatic test segment 85 KM of 36" crude oil line in transport line project DuhokKAR GROUP2013
14Install launcher and receiver and valves at Goarkosik refinery ErbilKAR GROUP2013
15Install 14KM 36" gas line in Fiadah district - Dohuk for DNO projectKAR GROUP2013
16Install different piping construction at DNOKAR GROUP2013
17Install 7 KM 24" crude oil line in Avana - Khormalla projectKAR GROUP2014
18Install and fabricate different piping construction for expanding Khormalla pump station at ErbilKAR GROUP2014
19Install 15 KM 36" crude oil line in Avana - Khormalla project, ErbilKAR GROUP2014
20Install concrete coating/ weighted for 2 segments of 36" line in Zab river, ErbilKAR GROUP2015
21Install 1KM 36" crude oil line and concrete coating / weighted of 1 segment in Khins creek at Bavian – Dohuk for TAQA PROJECTKAR GROUP2016-2017
22Modify 40' containers (42 units) to bed rooms for Zubiar power plant - BasraKAR GROUP2017
23Insulation and cladding at TAQA, Atrush, DohukKAR GROUP2017
24Install 10 KM 12” crude oil line at Khormalla Power plantKAR GROUP2018
25Rental of Hydrostatic test equipment for Khor Mor – Bazian power plant (15.5 KM 20” NG line )SALP ME.2018
26Install 2.5 KM 8” flow line (S1-S3) GAZPROM GarmianSALP ME.2019
27Install concrete coating /weighted for 1 segment of 16” crude oil line at Khazir creek crossingKAR GROUP2019
28Hydostatic test & Flushing for KPS2KAR GROUP2019
29Rental Hydrostatic test equipment for (SARSANG OIL EXPORT PIPELINE) 20 KM 12” lineKAR GROUP2019
30Rental drying equipment for (SARSANG OIL EXPORT PIPELINE) 20 KM 12” lineKAR GROUP2019
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